Why choose Laser Stencil Etching Technology?

LASER STENCIL TECHNOLOGY (PTY) LTD is a professional company with an uncompromising attitude when it comes to quality and service. Due to our diligence in understanding the customer’s needs and implementing procedures to ensure that we continue to meet those needs, we have become a supplier to many of the major contract manufacturers and OEM’s throughout the country.
Reasons for our success:

  • Highly experienced and committed staff
  • Spotlessly clean premises
  • Environmentally controlled work areas
  • Only the best materials are used
  • All data is properly recorded and backed up and easily recovered
  • Ongoing preventative maintenance and calibration
  • Redundancy of most service components to ensure un-interrupted supply
  • Prompt delivery country wide. This service can only be achieved due to our in-house engineering department who can expertly prepare your data within the hour.